Assuming we resign Jake Long, this is a valid question. But, if we don't resign Jake Long, I highly doubt we bring in another high priced FA to play LT, and I'm convinced that Martin will not be ready for that jump in 2013. So, I think that means we would draft either Fisher or Johnson to play LT ... either of which could be good picks at that spot, and definitely would fill a position of absolute need.

Hopefully we can resign Long at a reasonable number. If we do, then I say our next priority would be to see if any highly graded pass rushers fall to us. The plethora of NT/DT types and the ever-present overdrafting of QB's will definitely push some talented players down. With the large amount of talented but questionable pass rushers in this draft, we may well have a gem fall to us. So, once again, either OL or DL figure prominently.

But, between Banks and Patterson, my hope is for Patterson. I don't see any CB's in this draft worthy of the #12 pick personally, Milliner included. If Patterson were a polished WR, he'd go in the top 5. At 12 he's a risk/reward pick with a huge upside, a solid work ethic and no majorly scary off the field baggage. Banks will be a good NFL CB, but I don't see him being a star, nor do I see him having the same type of ceiling that Patterson has. If we're going for solid, dependable good player at 12, I'd rather have Eifert than Banks. I don't think either Eifert or Banks is worth the #12 pick. I could be talked into trading down if we were dead set on Eifert though.

Look at what Atlanta did. They drafted their QB, paired him with a veteran WR who helped him adjust. Then they made a bold statement to get him a great young WR to build together. Washington did the same thing with RGIII. Santana Moss was the veteran, Garcon is the budding star. Miami needs to do the same thing ... and I think Philbin has stressed that to Ireland. If I had to guess, I'd say that Jennings will be our veteran and we'll draft 2 good young WR's to groom under him ... perhaps Patterson in round 1 and Swope in round 3?