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Thread: 3rd Round

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    LOL what "facts" are you referring to?

    1.Are you saying that the Egnew pick wasn't derived from Chicago from the Marshall trade? Really?
    2. Are you saying that the Vernon pick is linked to Marshall?
    3. Are you saying that no Dolphin player called Egnew a "p*s*y?"
    4. Are you saying that Egnew had a catch for Miami? Is he a good player?
    5. Are you saying that Miami didn't pass on Hilton for Egnew?

    Is it your fact that Egnew will be here in 2013?

    Let's talk facts.

    And before you call me a Debbie Downer, there is no way that Ireland doesn't come through in 2013 offseason. No freaking way he doesn't come up with 2-3 playmakers on both sides of the ball, not with all the cap space and draft picks. So, I think we have a good offseason. That doesn't mean you become blind to prior follies because the organization needs to study its mistakes. What is it about Pat Turner, Legedu Nanaane, Ernest Wilford, and Roberto Wallace that made Miami think they could contribute? Do they have anything in common? Does Miami look for the right traits in a receiver? How about Gates or Pat White? Why pass on Dennis Pitta and Jimmy Graham, and Aaron Henandez but then draft Egnew? What was Miami missing? The front office has to look at these constant errors and learn from them. I am betting they will, and you will see 2 from the group of Patterson, Allen, Ertz, Eifert, Bailey, Hopkins, Patton, Hunter, Woods, Wheaton, Swope, and Wilson in Miami this season, along with a veteran in the Jared Cook, Mike Wallace, Greg Jennings mold.
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    Jury is out on Egnew at this point, but who would be happy with what we have seen so far? I think people that complain about him at this point come across as simpleminded
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    Quote Originally Posted by 2413fanphins View Post
    Dont go stating silly facts and raining on the debbie downers.

    Interesting to come to this thread and learn that egnew will no longer be with the team next year as well??!!
    Yea well, he had a horrible rookie year, and we all know never has an NFL player ever come back from a horrible rookie year. -sarcasm off-
    My Draft:

    Round 1: DeVante Parker (WR):
    Speed, size/height, and efficient WR.

    Round 2: Denzel Perryman (I-LB):
    Behind Suh, quality I-LB.

    Round 4: Ali Marpet (Guard)
    Quality late round starting Guard, very smart, and tough.

    Round 5: Jalen Collins (CB)
    Possible quality CB w/ work.

    Round 5: Jamil Douglas (Guard/Center/Tackle)
    Guard, can also play center and tackle.

    Round 6: Malcolm Brown (RB)
    Consistent short yardage powerback.

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