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Thread: Rise of Nazi Germany/Modern-Day America

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spesh View Post
    For those looking for the cliffnotes version: Obama is the next Hitler because he prosecutes those who technically break the law and he blames Republicans for filibusters.
    How many of the articles that I posted did you read? How many youtube clips did you watch?
    Do you believe that laws like the Patriot Act, NDAA, The National Defense Resources Preparedness Executive Order, and H.R. 347 are dangerous? Do you believe that those laws could eventually lead to tyranny. Those are lloaded questions, I know, but there is only one logical answer.

    Assertions aside, from the links I have posted, what do you believe to be inaccurate?

    Quote Originally Posted by Spesh View Post
    Oh, and Stalin, the Gestapo, and Martial Law are brought up while also attempting to indirectly link Factcheck.org to Obama.
    Is this a valid statement?:
    Quote Originally Posted by Breed View Post
    Even assuming that there is no connection between Factcheck.org and Obama, their answer to the "Obama's private army" question doesn't touch on what the law can do, only on what the law was intended to do. The intention of any given law only holds so much weight. The important thing is how the law can be interpreted by whoever is in power. I'd like to see multiple law experts go on record saying that this particular section of the Healthcare Bill can't be used to create a militia.
    Do you believe the intent behind any given law is more important than the way in which it can be interpreted? How much weight do you put into how a law can be interpreted versus its original intent?
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