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Killing an American in a country that had nothing to do with 9-11. No declaration of war, no oversight, no evidence produced, no rule of law. What about his 16 year old child we bombed 2 weeks later?? How do you justify that?? He should have had a better father right???

No offense Locke but your post sounds no different than the Neo-Cons on this board not so long ago.

The moral high ground is the rule of law. Obama along with Bush threw out those morals. All you're doing is defending it.
I'm not saying it's OK. I'm saying we don't know everything. I make it a point not to comment on things that I'm not fully informed on. Unless you are part of the the national security briefings, you don't know everything either. That's my point. If I sounded like our former Neocons, I'd be comparing Bush to Hitler. Don't remember ever seeing those threads though. Just so happens we have an Obama/Hitler thread though...