Cam Cameron didn’t make it to the Super Bowl with the Ravens, having been fired as their offensive coordinator late in the season. But the man who fired Cameron says he wants Cameron to have a Super Bowl ring.Ravens head coach John Harbaugh said after the Super Bowl that even after he fired Cameron in December, he would get encouraging texts from Cameron telling him he was still rooting for the Ravens. Harbaugh says that just because Cameron was gone before the playoffs, that doesn’t change the fact that Cameron helped Baltimore get there.

“In my mind, he is definitely going to get a ring. He deserves a ring,” Harbaugh told Michael Rosenberg of Sports Illustrated.
Cameron said in January that he had no hard feelings toward Harbaugh or the Ravens, and he even complimented Harbaugh for firing him, saying that it must have been a smart move because the results speak for themselves. Cameron seems to be taking his firing pretty well.

And Harbaugh seems to think highly of Cameron, despite the way their time coaching together came to an end.