Trade down a few spots with pittsburg,they will obtain mingo to replace harrison,while giving us an extra 2nd

1st Round:Kenny Vaccaro- looks like the bpa and also one of the safer picks in the draft. Great pedigree with the UT and will start from day 1 with Jones.

2nd Round:Eifert or Ertz-one of them should be available at this spot and both has pro bowl potential.

2nd round:Justin Pugh:a OT that will be perfect for us and can kick in to guard for our zone blocking scheme. Jerry can slide in where he is better suited to right tackle.

2c:Markus Wheaton:Although I believe we will sign Jennings and even maybe resign hartline..we need fire power to be great. Seeing what t.y Hilton and other young speedsters had done,this will be an excellent pick up.

3rd round:Blidi Wreh Wilson-Big,strong and fast just like Jeff likes em.hips are looser than Sean smiths though and could compete for playing time early.

3b:Christean Michael-Not the sexiest pick,but could be great value if he lives up to the potential he has. A running back that mike Sherman knows very well and could compliment Lamar very well depending on the Reggie situation.

Free agency

Greg Jennings

Brent Grimes

Michael Johnson





will we be ready to roll?...i think so