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Researchers tracked more than 5,000 men starting at the age of 20 until up to age 80. They found that at any given age, an obese man was twice as likely to die as a man who was not obese, and that obesity at age 20 appeared to be a constant factor in death rates up to 60 years later.

A total of 1,191 men died during the follow-up period of up to 60 years. Of the survivors at age 70, about 70 percent had not been obese at age 20. Though the other 70-year-old survivors had been obese, just as many obese men had died by then.


It really isn't even up for debate. Obesity is DEADLY. If an obese person doesn't take steps to lead a healthier lifestyle and reduce their weight significantly, their chances of living past age 70 are remote. Obese people are much more like to succumb to heart failure or cancer than non-obese people. This has been found to be true in numerous studies throughout the years.

If nutrition was a larger part of our healthcare here in America, it would diminish the incidences of a lot of preventable diseases that greatly increase the cost of healthcare and insurance in this country. We are paying for all the people who lead unhealthy lifestyles.
You stated that he would be dead in 10 years, no ifs ands or buts.....then proceed to pot info that shows that people do survive. Im not denying obesity leads to many horrific things, but i also know theres no such thing as 100% when you are predicting about people.

Christie has made his choices, he may make different ones going forward. The fact is, its his life, and it will play out however God, or fate of Vishnu or The Supreme being chooses. He may die in a car wreck tomorrow, and all your worrying about his fat comes to nothing. Of course, he could be shot at and all that fat slows the bullet and he lives...because he was fat.

Im not sure why this is such an issue for you, but understand, im not denying the research, im saying you cant paint every single person with that broad brush. Christie could outlive us both...how about we focus on the man and his accomplishments and leadership and let him and his tailor worry about his waist size