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he's got a degenerative condition in one of his feet if i recall that correctly...in other words it's not going away...got something i just can't remember exactly what that when i read it i was like that's some dicey stuff...probably why he signed so cheap with the giants when he resigned a few years ago
I had not heard anything about a degenerative condition, though he is certainly prone to foot injuries. I heard somewhere on local news (I from the Northeast) he had surgery to have screw inserted into the bone and a second surgery to have a larger screw put in. From what I understood, he should be good to go for next year.

I also recall he's been arrested 2-3 times and has served limited time in prison going back to '08 or '09. He was also in the same party where Burgess shot himself. Certainly something that would lower your FA value the last time around. Best I can tell he's been clean from a legal standpoint for the last few years, but not sure he's the clean cut fit that we keep hearing Philbin likes.