Got this quote from the Sun-Sentinel. I would not be too worried about this, it will get consdidered.

And to those that think it does not matter.....Well IMO it does. Maybe not for you, but to a whole lot of other people. Restaurant and bar owners and their employees see more business, hotels and their employees, and so on and so on. Then those people have more money to spend and the state and city and the county collected more in taxes to spend on other things. I just get so sick of people calling this corporate welfare. There is a cost-benefit relief that the governments will see, (increased hotel taxes) this is an investment. More business=more taxes.

"At a meeting last week, House Speaker Will Weatherford, with Senate President Don Gaetz in agreement, said that he would like all proposals to assist sports teams be considered at one time. Among the other bills being considered by the Legislature is one that would make a proposed Orlando soccer stadium eligible for state money.",0,5993517.story