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The point you continue to miss, if you do not invest in your economy you won't get a return. The city needs to invest in the Dolphins for once in this century. It's been nearly 50 years since they have invested in the cities premier sports franchise in any serious way. The city of Miami has got a free ride from the Dolphins for far too long. Investing in modernizing JRS won't take away ONE job for any current or future highway programs. If you can't admit that, have a nice day.

On a side note, highway programs is not the backbone of any cities economy, or countries economy. Some of you have been told a HUGE lie by a certain so called leader of this country.

Right up until the moving trucks pull up...
And what you fail to realize is that Joe Robbie and Stephen Ross werent doing some public service when they planted(or bought) the Dolphins in Miami. Miami is a world famous city, the exposure and therefore profit opportunity are extremely high. The motivation behind those two individuals(and every single other owner) was profit. Are they loyal to the city? Sure. Would they pack up and move if they felt they could make significantly more money elsewhere? Absolutely. And even if Ross packs up and leaves another team would be making a move towards Miami in our lifetime. Why? Again: the potential for profit is high. The reason why Ross isnt maximizing his profits at the moment is because his product is terrible and he should make a better product. Which he has publically said he will. He gets it even if you dont. Thats why many of us find your fear mongering hilarious.

Your the one that has hung onto a single example for all dear life, so(despite pointing out many other uses for tax payer money) ive obliged with your obsession. Your trying to dismiss the point by saying "lulz construction lulz". Are you under the assumption that the +$200 million brought in from bed taxes would just sit there not being used? That the city of Miami couldnt use it for other endeavors? Your wrong. As i bluntly stated before, you need only to change the legislation to give that money new use. Every penny that goes towards Ross goes away from someone else.

And oh yeah, people were absolutely deceived, i suppose its embarassing for this individual to be caught on camera. His face must be red after be lied to:

Romney, July 17: "And, of course, he describes people who we care very deeply about, who make a difference in our lives: our school teachers, firefighters, people who build roads. We need those things. We value school teachers, firefighters, people who build roads. You really couldnít have a business if you didnít have those things."