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You mean like this guy? Yeah, we sure do treat our allies right......
Obviously I don't mean Pakistan, who shouldn't be our ally any more than Iran should be. The only good reason to keep Pakistan at least nominally on our side right now is that they control the major supply routes for American soldiers to get in and out of Afghanistan. Whatever you think of our mission in Afghanistan -- and I don't think all that much of it -- we need to keep those guys supplied and need a way to get them out.

Other than that, Pakistan is as complete an enemy as you could have. Not only has it been stupid of us to keep sending them billions in "aid", which was really just payoff money for the table scraps of terrorist leaders they'd give us (which is a screwed up situation in itself), but that policy has isolated us somewhat from India, who should be our major ally in the region. Pakistan has taken most of the money we've given them over the years and used it to buy money to point at the Indians, and the Indians know that.

It's terrible, it's stupid. It's worse than that because the Pakistanis have nuclear weapons, and after the Bin Laden strike I remember reading a story where the ISI got so paranoid they were actually driving their nuclear warheads around on unmarked, basically unguarded trucks out of fear that we were going to swoop in and take them. You want to get scared for the future, imagine Pakistani nuclear weapons being driven around Karachi and Lahore on unmarked moving trucks by a couple of guys with nothing more than AKs. Yeesh.

It's part of why I approve with drone strikes that we're doing in northern Pakistan. Bush tried to let Musharraf handle it and treat his country like a legitimate, functioning government. Obama has been tougher on them, and better as a result, imo.