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Love the extremes. That's exactly what I was saying. I guess this is what I can expect as kids begin to spend more time on the gun range than in English class. The only people mentioning "dropping guns as a whole," "dropping police as a whole," and other such nonsense are those opposed to any form of gun control whatsoever. I don't believe armed guards in schools will solve the problem at all. As I've said in other threads, I'm willing to try it (don't worry, we're not actually going to try anything. This is 'merica! Guns > Kids), but I don't think it will be effective, and this is just one of several reasons.

The fact is, even well trained police go into panic mode when **** gets real and even they make horrible decisions with guns in their hands. The LAPD and NYPD are only recent examples. More errant bullets flying around isn't all that great of an idea, IMHO. Not to mention the fact that armed guards are trained and paid even less than police, particularly those that would be paid by an extremely underfunded education system.
Your "logic" is befuddling. Do you live in a Utopia where every single thing goes right every single day?
Bad things happen, what you need to ask yourself is what is the best way to be prepared for it. Using Dorner as a "bad example" of what could happen with cops in schools is assinine. Its like saying Lanza shows all gamers on psychotropic meds are child killers, so lets not have anymore gamers or psych meds.
The problem is, and always will be, the criminal intent on mischief and mayhem. If armed guards at schools are so bad, why does the President and other well to do parents send their kids to a school with armed guards everyday, safe in the knowledge a Newtown incident is a lot less likely than at JFK Elementary in the less affluent end of town.