My Plan A
Sign Walace then sign as many of my own that I can to keep the any holes filled on the team until I draft their replacement.
Wallace Pitt 10-11 Million 11 million (We need a speed WR playmaker and we break the bank for this guy)
Levitte Buff 7 Million 18 million (Long I have to let walk injuries and this is replacement as I reshuffle the OL deck)
Smith Phins 8 Million 26 million (We have 2 holes at CB if this guy leaves he is still young enought and affordable enough to keep)
Starks Phins 7 Million 33 million (Guys been a playmaker for us stayed healthy. We have depth here but hate to let talent walk)
Fasano Phins 4 Million 37 million (Guys dependable and blocks where other falter. Position of need evevates his status. Good not great pass catcher.)
ClemmonPhins 3 Miillion 40 Million (Affordable until draft help arrives and fills position of need)
Bush Phins 2-3 Million 43 Million (Bush is a maybe. I want him as a playmaker, but the position and his style allow me to move in another dirrection. Still I allocate this money for another FA back even if Bush does not return.

Free agents I let walk and why Hartline WR because I signed Wallace, Long OT because I sigined Levitte, McDanniel DT because of injury concern, depth at his position and I resigned Starks, Grardner OT/G because I signed Levitte and have lots of young talent in the fold, Marshall CB because he ended on IR and I have Patterson in the fold who is a better replacement, and Moore because he probably will not want to come back.

Draft Round 1 DE (Ireland had been trying to draft one in the first round for 3 years)
Round 2 CB (This is a position of need at this point)
Round 2 TE (With all the money in Wallace we do not need to throw more resourses at the WR but we need a top TE to help the passing game)
Round 3 OT (A right tackle could still be avaibable at this point to help fill the rotation at that postion and backup John Jerry as insurance)
Round 3 LB (Linebackers are getting old and we need insurance)
Round 4 S (Still looking for Clemons replacement to groom)
Round 5 CB (Insurance and depth at a positon of need)
Round 7 QB (Taking a gamble here with Delvin and a rookie as my backups but Moore is leaving and we need 3 QB's)
Round 7 RB (Looking for that pounder and Gray may be the man but a little insurance never hurt)

Questionable move first letting Long walk but hopefully reoranizating the line will help. Martin at LT Levitte at LG Pouncy at C Incognitto at RB and John Jerry at OT might offset the absense of Long by putting players in positions on the line that they may play better at.

Questionable move not drafting a WR and instead drafting a TE. Wallace I want on the field and I would we forced to put the 2nd rounder out there also which would be OK but the TE in the 2nd round should benefit Tannehill better than Wallace and a 2nd roudn receiver. So you have Fasano/ Clay and the 2nd rounder plus Wallace, Bess in the slot and Mathew and Binns manning the other outiside postion.

Questionable letting Bush walk. (IMO neither Miller, Thomas or Bush are really in between the tackle running backs, IMO all of them play the running back position the same which while I hate to loose a playmaker with Bush I have Miller who offers that same features as Bush and Thomas who is better blocking and catching the ball out of the backfield than than running between the tackle the way he is being used and Thigpin is not a between the tackles guy either and we can only keep 4 RB on the active roster. So I
need Bushes position for that 4 between the tackle running back. My feartured backfield would be Miller/ New Guy as Thomas as both their backup and Thigpin a change of pace type guy.