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Im with you Nubs. I cant wait to see the lack of remarks from the debbie downers when Ireland brings in a boatload of talent on offense.

Right now there are only 2 positions set in stone on offense IMHO. QB and Center. Every other spot is open to either guys currently on the roster or players that are brought in.

I have been quite critical of Jeff Ireland. No apologies from me. The only faith I have in this upcoming draft will come from Joe Philbins influence on the picks.
I am hoping it is a bonanza of new play making talent...and if so, I will give Ireland only 1/2 of the credit.
The time is now for this team, we can either take a couple of steps up with the right picks, or be mired in continued mediocrity.
Completely rebuilding the offense is not necessary. We need 3-4 players to upgrade this season. It won't all happen in one off season.