I've been very conflicted about the new stadium upgrade proposal. My politics deplore subsidizing a Multi-Billionare with public funds of any kind. (Esp since said Multi-Billionare is supposedly Ayn Randian in his politics.). That said, My inner wounded Dolphin Fan says screw it, pony up some tourist money and get this done. Seats finally closer to the field and a South Florida version of Seattle's canopy will finally give us our 12th man back. A real 12th man!!!!!! We haven't had one since the Orange Bowl. This along with a potentially momentous off season with loads of Salary cap space and 5 picks in the first 3 rounds and a Logo/Uni change sets us up for a rebirth of the franchise. I'm officially in favor of getting this Stadium upgrade done. It's will make a difference in turning the corner toward a winning future. Any one else ready to hold their nose at this deal because they know it's good for wins/losses?