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There are things that bring much more money to our local economy much more than the stadium and we are not just giving them welfare to fix venues they own. And it would take like 10 superbowls to net a billion dollars and by then we will be hit up for a billion dollars to fix stadium or build another. The NFL is using the superbowl to make communities pay for stadiums no city is going to be hosting as often as they have been.
Noone fails to see this people just feel the state should not be paying for private companies buildings. Hell the land for the stadium was just given to them and the team gets tons of breaks and subsidies . The NFL needs to start paying its own way
I think you're just arguing for the sake of arguing and again your facts are skewed. Locking the Dolphins down for a renovation insures the teams stays for like 30 years due to a leasing agreement. Technically one man owns the team, yet we all care and root for the team. The team belongs to Miami, the city shouldn't turn its back on the Dolphins for the sake of just doing so as your logic proposes. the city won't lose a dime in fact they'll make money and they'll help our team out in the process. And lol politics are hard enough to find another way to generate revenue especially with how easy of an option that is being handed to them.