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Percy would be an INSTANT upgrade...he wants a contract and would fit in Miami perfectly....why give B-Hart 6mil/yr when u can offer Percy 7? Who the hell would be happy in Minnesota? I mean seriously. I would ask to be traded as well. If he gets his payday (which he DESERVES---more than Hartline does) and goes to a better climate and beautiful environment of South Florida...Not to mention no state income tax...he'd be happy here...

And Im tired of this headcase connotation...you mean to tell me if Deon Sanders in his prime was available RIGHT now, being the "headcase" he was, you wouldnt want him????? Ray lewis is oneof the biggest Divas in the history of sports yet is glorified day in day out.

You have to MOLD these players, you cant just expect a bunch of young men to be perfect. Under the RIGHT coaching, which I do believe we FINALLY have, there is no excuse not to take a chance on him....

I went to school with Percy at UF as well had class with him and went to same barber shop...The kid LOVES winning...in the right environment and if winning, there would be no issues. We cant afford to pass on playmakers just because you bums on Finheaven, who probably never played a sport in your life, thinks you are qualified enough to pass such judgement without knowing the player personally.
I can appreciate you standing up for your boy and all but you are taking this way to personal.

So what if Percy loves winning...we all do. We can all be at our best when things are going well. It's how we behave when things are not so great that shows our true colors and right now Harvin is not handling things in the best way possible.

BTW, trying to insult posters that don't agree with is not the best way to get your point across.