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Thread: My offseason plan with 7-round mock

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    i guess your projecting martin at LT?

    hope dude is in the weight room.
    1. Melvin Gordon RB
    2. Bernardrick McKinney ILB
    3. Steve Nelson CB
    4. John Miller G
    5. Adrian Amos FS
    5. Kenny Bell WR
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    Maybe I missed it but who's going to kick for us? Might have to go with DRC/Cary Williams/Brent Grimes as Cox is most likely going to be franchised. Love the Jamar Taylor pick btw. If we cut Hartline we are going to have to draft 2 receivers instead of 1 if we keep Hartline. Wallace, Patterson, Bess, Matthews, Binns, and Moore isn't ideal. Wallace is just a deep threat with no real route running technique, how will Tannehill respond to him? Patterson is a raw rookie whose hands are questionable but do you want him as your #2? His play making skills is undeniable but there are other receivers in this draft who can do about the same thing at a reasonable value. Besides, Ireland making that picks is unlikely. Carradine would be perfect although I'd take him with the second 2nd and Cyprien with the first. Kelce's blocking skills is the best in this draft but he's not much of a seam threat, just a bigger and faster Anthony Fasano. Word from UF fans is that Nixon is bad so the chances of him beating out John Jerry/Nate Garner are slim. No need to get another DE with Shelby and Vernon behind Carradine and Wake, like the Swanson pick, and don't know about Watford.
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