I understand he had the best season out of all our free agents but hear me out.

  • If you want one of the big 4 (Jennings, Wallace, Bowe, Harvin) AND a receiver in the first 3 rounds, we CANNOT bring back Hartline.

If you bring him back, you aren't going to give another big contract to another receiver and draft one in the early rounds. You might do one or the other but not both. The more likely choice would be Hartline and a rookie becauase you wouldn't want to dedicate so much money to the position. But lets say for some crazy reason Ireland pays Hartline and one of the big 4, I GUARANTEE you we won't draft a rookie in the first 3 rounds to split snaps with Hartline for 4-5 years.

  • If you bring him back, it will be for 6+ million and that is way overpaying, limiting what else we can spend at the position.

This is reiterating what is said in the first paragraph. If you spend that much money on Hartline, you won't be able to do both of drafting and getting one of the big 4. You can do one, but not both. Point being it will take too many assets to the position and you'd have to be splitting snaps.

The Solution

  • Let Hartline walk, go get one of the big 4, preferably Jennings or Harvin, (Jennings because he fits the scheme and is worth the money he is expected to get, Harvin because he is 24, mvp candidate before getting injured, and is worth the 10 million hes asking), and DRAFT a rookie to play opposite your big 4 receiver.

If you bring back Hartline, you won't be able to do both these things in the solution, plus we would be overpaying for Hartline who is not a redzone threat.