Hartline is not as much as a threat as people want to peg him to be yes he gets you yards but he doesn't get us points on the board which percy does greg bowe and wallace do and hartline has more yards then all of them.. but u have to look at what these other recivers had that hartline did not and that is other threats for a qb to throw to... even more so these other players didnr have good qbs throwing them the ball... you can argue that ben was there but big Ben was injured for most of the season and greg Jennings came in and in one game got more tds then hartline did in 42 games... I say let hartline walk gwt jennings draft patterson and get steadman bailey... and u now have a very athletic wr corp that can make noise I was happy to at least have hartline this year but we dont need his yards we need tds... all these wrs had 3+ years over 1200 receiving yards and hartline hasn't had one... and percy harvin is way better than hartline he scored 6 tds this year and only played about 9 games... you can say hes a diva but what wr isnt tjats their mold... and percy has never had a great qb if u take farve out of the picture and he was a rookie with farve and Sydney rice was the go to guy at the time.... trust me hartline is good but I dont think he's a solid 1 or 2 because his inability to produce points id take 700 yards from percy harvin and six tds instead of 1100 yards and 1 td from hartline anyday..