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There's no link between having a nice sounding resume and being a good president. None. Take the 20th century, since you don't seem to like the 19th. Teddy Roosevelt had only been Governor for one year before becoming Vice President. Eisenhower had never been elected to anything. FDR had only been Governor for three years.

Richard Nixon, on the other hand, had been a congressman, senator and vice president.

There are good presidents with good resumes and bad ones. Same with short resumes. It's just not a statistically relevant variable. If and when Marco Rubio runs for president, it's not something that will factor negatively in how I view him.
Just an fyi, up until Watergate, Nixon was a pretty darned good president. He just ended up with a very tarnished reputation. Watergate probably wouldn't even make the news today much less get someone to resign. Also, FDR sucked for the most part. Just my opinion.

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