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Thread: Famous birthdays for Feb. 13th

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    Bday Famous birthdays for Feb. 13th

    ... A continuing series from two summers ago ...

    February 13th:
    711 BC - Jimmu, Japanese emperor (d. 585 DC)
    1599 - Alexander VII, [Fabio Chigi], Siena Italy, pope (1655-67)
    1831 - John Aaron Rawlins, Bvt Major General (Union Army), died in 1869
    1833 - William Whedbee Kirkland, Brig Gen (Confederate Army), died in 1915
    1849 - Lord Randolph Churchill, England, politician, Winston's father
    1885 - Elizabeth Virginia [Bess] Truman, US 1st lady (1945-52)
    1887 - Alvin York, famed US soldier with 25 kills in WW I
    1892 - Grant Wood, US, painter (American Gothic)
    1892 - Robert Houghwout Jackson, 84th Supreme Court justice (1941-54)
    1919 - Eddie Robinson, winningest college football coach (Grambling)
    1923 - Chuck Yeagar, US test pilot (1st man to break sound barrier) ... West Virginian!!!
    1939 - Valery Illych Rozhdestvensky, USSR, cosmonaut (Soyuz 23)
    1939 - Beate Klarsfeld, German Nazi hunter
    1942 - Peter Tork, American musician and actor (The Monkees)
    1944 - Jerry Springer, London England, talk show host (Jerry Springer Show)
    1947 - Mike Krzyzewski, basketball coach
    1948 - Allan Legere, Canadian serial killer (Monster of the Miramichi)
    1950 - Peter Gabriel, Surrey England, rock vocalist (Genesis, In Your Eyes)
    1961 - Henry Rollins, US vocalist/poet/actor
    1963 - Roberta Vasquez, LA California, playmate (November, 1984)
    1971 - Mats Sundin, Bromma SWE, NHL center (Team Sweden, Toronto Maple Leafs)
    1977 - Randy Moss, NFL WR (Minn, Oak, NE, Tenn, SF) ... unfortunately, West Virginian.
    1979 - Mena Suvari, American actress (American Pie)
    1982 - Michael Turner, NFL RB (SD, Atl)
    1997 - Michael Jackson Jr, son of Michael Jackson
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