Ok so I have posted this in a couple forums but I'd like to see what you guys think. My ideal offseason would be as follows. ..

Re-sign Clemons and Long. This of course is as long as Long isnt trying to break the bank. Then sign Wallace in free agency. Now you focus on draft.
1st round- trade back and pick up an extra second. Then draft Eifert.
Now with our 3 second rounders draft Trufant, Rhodes, and Terrance Williams.
In the third you draft Carradine and Jordan Reed.

This plan shores up our WRs, and TEs, while also getting two very good CBs and a pass rusher. You can then use the rest of the draft for role platers/depth.

Now of course this plan would need Long to be locked up for a reasonable amount. This could leave us with still a decent amount of cash for more free agents.