As always there are two ways to go with Free Agency ... you can find 'stop gap' players -- or solve a problem for as long as possible.

Priority #1

Find a compliment to WAKE, right now ... not developmental -- means FA. Cliff Avril, Michael Johnson or Dwight Freeney. Not cheap (Freeney is likey the cheapest and only for 2-3 years max). Avril and Johnson are young and will be good for a long time. Avril would bring the most immediate impact. Freeney might be a 'coach' and role model.

Priority #2

Improve WR Corps .... as much as some don't want Hartline around -- I don't believe the FO is going to let him walk (if for no other reason, than Tanny has established a relationship with him). Sign Bowe or Jennings.

Priority #3

Fix the OL .... assume Long is walking at the thought of 10+ MIL, so grab Andre Smith from CIN at ~ 8 MIL .... assuming Martin does his due diligence this offseason and gets stronger .... we'll have pretty good young Ts ... and if Yeatman shows anything promising -- let him work a year at G.

Priority #4

Improve CB ... assume we let Smith walk .... he percieved worth is much more than his proven value ... i'd rather pay much less for a guy like Keenan Lewis or Chris Houston for 1 of our CBs ...

Priority #5

Keep our S tandem together and bring back Chris Clemons ....

Priority #6

Get a TE ... sign Dustin Keller for 2-3 years

I think we can get Clemons, Keller and Houston 'fairly' cheaply ... but chunk would have to come out for Avril, Bowe, Hartline and Smith .... this increases our talent level across the offense and defense, AND gives us great flexibility in the draft .....

of this bunch, i would sacrifice Hartline and Freeney for Avril to make the #s work .... and it just makes it mandatory that we choose DE and WR early.