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In retrospect both choices were mistakes. I dont agree that Long has played like the first overall pick because the last two years he hasnt, not even close. with all out cap space it would be an easy decision if he had played so well, there is no doubt that Atlanta will be keeping Ryan around for a long time. As for Rodgers very few people on this board were fascinated with Rodgers in that draft and I actually got in many arguements about Rodgers as our possible pick over a guy that wasnt even a full time starter in college. Both drafts illustrate that u dont take Rb's and OL over qb when u have a need for one.
Exactly-- just because the Long pick wasn't as egregiously wrong as the Brown pick doesn't mean that the Long pick was a good one. If he really were a Hall of Fame tackle as his supporters used to claim, then there'd be no doubt that he'd be resigned. The fact that the team is most likely going to let him walk, getting nothing in return, is a sure sign that it was foolish to spend the top pick on him.