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I don't see Dansby as being that great. We're always getting smoked by tight ends over the middle and runningbacks out of the backfield, largely thanks to Dansby's lack of coverage skills.
He's a good linebacker, but he's certainly replaceable, and I'd much rather allocate big $$ to pass rushers/ coverage guys on defense anyway.
Er Dansby is immense he is the central block of our good defense, he could start for any team in the NFL but lets leave that aside, despite the fact we have plenty of cash and draft picks why do you want to remove a central piece of our d to try and improve it? Our starting LB group can compete with anyones, why break that up? Why give us another big draft priority? Sure cut Dansby but then we have to draft a linebacker instead of a corner or WR, you really think that's a good idea?

You don't improve a team by removing your best players, you build around them. If you want a SuperBowl winning defense add corners around Smith, get more linebacker depth, sign extra pass rushers. Add to what we have, don't remove core pieces and replace them.