Positives: Good height and has long arms. Doesn't have an elite get off but is good enough that it isn't a concern. Has a very high motor, relentless to the QB, even when blocked he doesn't quit. Seems to have great stamina and still plays hard late in the game. Has good speed off the edge rushing the passer and chasing the HB to the sideline and from behind. Surprising power for his size, occasionally able to push linemen back. Uses his hands well. Best suited for the 3-4 at his current weight.

Negatives: Needs to bulk up to play DE every down. Didn't seem to have a dominant performance. Not necessarily a liability in the run game but it's not his strength, obviously because of his size. Kept in check for the most part by the better tackles.

If we ran a 3-4 I would not mind taking him at #12. I'm hesitant to take him since we run 4-3.

What do you guys think? Is there anything you disagree with?