Obviously the spotlight is what Miami will do with its 5 picks within the 1st 3 rds as they will most likely decide the direction of Miami's future. Miami's 1st rd pick is worth 1,200 pts with the #1 pick being worth 3,000 pts, in case anyone was interested. I also heard that Detroit is looking to trade back from #5. If Miami is really high on Dee Milliner they could look at trading with them. Assuming the Eagles don't take Milliner at #4. It would probably take a 1st rd swap and to give up their own 2nd to pull it off which I personally think would be too much. Anyways assuming Miami doesn't trade any of their 1st 5 picks what positions do you want those 5 picks used on?

I want 2 of the picks used for WRs, 2 for CBs and one for either TE/DE but I don't want Miami to draft a WR in rd 1.