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Thread: Miami's 1st 5 picks.

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    Miami's 1st 5 picks.

    Kenny Vaccaro, Robert Woods, Tavon Austin, Larry Warford and Marcus Lattimore.
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    Hey, if one of the true pass rushers falls to us, then go for it, because it will be well worth it and is a position of need, despite our manufactured sack numbers last year. But, there are no other defensive players worthy of the #12 pick in my eyes. No CB's, S's, ILB's, none that make enough of a game-changing impact for that high of a selection. There actually are quite a few DT's that fit the bill, but that is a position of strength for us and I'd hate to waste our top pick on a position of virtually no need.

    On the other hand, our offense lacks a lot of talent. One major reason why our defense has a lot more salary cap cost than our offense is that our offense is incomplete. Our only high dollar area is the OL, which was and is unsettled. If we don't resign Long, we'll have to hope one of Fisher or Johnson is still available at 12 (Joeckel will definitely be gone). Otherwise, I think we look to trade back or take a WR. I'd go pass rusher or Patterson at 12, but I don't see Jarvis Jones, Damontre Moore or Bjorn Werner falling to us, so it would come down to how we project one of the boom-or-bust prospects like Mingo, Montgomery, Jordan, etc.

    Personally, Patterson fits the bill. Philbin & Co. were hired to build a great offense--period. This is the year to surround Tannehill with talent and start showing signs of something special on the offensive side of the ball. Philbin knows it, Sherman knows it, and Ireland knows it. Ross expects it. So, I see us adding 1 FA WR (Greg Jennings?) and 2 draftee WR's with high picks.

    I say look to see if a top CB falls into round 2 (Xavier Rhodes?), otherwise pick a CB with 2b or one of the 3rd rounders. Pick up a DE/OLB guy if one falls into where it makes sense, but no need to reach for one just yet. Pick up a guy like Justin Pugh G/T in round 3 or Brian Winters G in round 4, and build that offense.
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