Is tight end Anthony Fasano still a starter in the NFL? (Sun-Sentinel / June 4, 2012)

Why is Mike Wallace viewed as the top free agent receiver on the market? Is re-signing Brian Hartline a priority for the Miami Dolphins, and what is tight end Anthony Fasano's future in the NFL.
Those are the issues we'll tackle in today's installment of "What's Chirping," where I expound on Dolphins related questions for twitter.
RT @MooreALJMoore: I see Anthony Fasano putting up good numbers if he goes to a team like the Atlanta Falcons » Fasano's still a good tight end. He's just more of an H-back, red zone threat than seam threat option.
MY TAKE: Re-signing Fasano to serve as the starting H-back, Miami's second tight end, should be a priority considering he's scored 23 touchdowns the past five seasons. That's my opinion based on how he played the H-back position in the final month of the year, once Charles Clay was sidelined by his knee injury. Fasano's protection was amazing, and it kept Ryan Tannehill's pocket clean. And he was a better option coming out the backfield as a receiver than he was working off the line of scrimmage.
It is clear to everyone that Fasano, who will turn 29 in April, has lost some speed, which hinders his ability to create separation from linebackers. However, he's still one of the NFL's best in-line blocking tight ends, and that has value. Because of that skill Fasano will probably have a role in the NFL for the next four to five seasons.
Pair him with a legit seam threat like Dustin Keller and that unit could blossom just like Fasano did when he played alongside David Martin, setting franchise records for the position in 2008. Keep in mind that Fasano was the H-back in that relationship.
That's why I say re-signing Fasano should be a priority for the Dolphins, but he'd need to make half of the $2.9 million he earned annually the past three seasons. But I expect he'll sign elsewhere if some team, like the Falcons, call on him to remain a starter.