The fact that Randy Starks is 29 it would give us more leverage to tag him due to the fact that he would then be 30 years old trying to land a deal in the FA market next season. His value will drop. So by tagging him at $8mil for one year, if he holds out big deal, you move Odrick inside and we're drafting another guy to compete with Vernon opposite Wake anyways.

We nees to see if Odrick has a future at DT too.

So Starks would be forced to negotiate with us with the tag placed on him as he'll have less leverage and accept a deal lower than he's asking for.

Once he agrees to a deal, before the draft, Odrick becomes a player we can dangle in a trade up scenario during the draft. Same with Daniel Thomas, if we re-sign Bush. I even think if we go Cordarrelle Patterson at 12 (assuming we've signed Mike Wallace), that we can even dangle Bess in any move up scenarios too during the draft as we would have options in the 3rd to replace him with players like Marquise Goodwin (assuming we've re-signed Hartline). This holds water as we've heard Ireland expects Rishard Matthews to take a bigger role on Offense and we saw he can impress.