Cut ties with Jake & Sean. With the money saved, acquire 2 (possibly all) of the following; Paul Kruger, Sergio Kindle, Michael Foley

Resign; Bush, Harline, Starks, & Garner. I won't throw around contract numbers or speculate on players like Wallace, Finley, etc...

The draft swap 1st rounders w/ the Cowboys. Acquire for their 3rd this yr and a conditional 2nd or 3rd in 2014.

round pick# player pos school notes
1 18 Eifert TE Notre Dame
2a 42 Woods WR USC
2b 54 Poyer CB Oregon St Vontae trade
3a 77 Armstead OT Ark - Pine Bluff
3b 80 Jefferson FS Oklahoma draft day trade w/ Dallas
3c 82 Franklin RB UCLA from Bears
4 Lemonier DE Auburn
5 J. Johnson CB Purdue
7 Compton ILB Nebraska Ryan Cook trade

Lemonier & Armstead are developmental in much the same way Baltimore drafts anticipating needs a few years down the road.

Franklin is Thomas's replacment and could come in right away & spell Reggie and Lamar leaving KR duties to Thigpen. If the phins could a 2014 5th for DT then I'd consider it a partial success.

Johnson is the physical CB that Smith never was. Compton is depth and can't be worse than Spitler.

2013 OL (from L to R)... Martin, Garner, Pouncey, Jerry, Yeatman.