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if we're talking about the christian version of heaven, and not the greek, norse, etc, you have to imagine a place where the laws we live by (time, space, etc) have no place, and as such eternity has no meaning in the sense of knowing time is passing. Even with that type of mindset, "eternal Joy" is the way a living being would describe the undescribable. It certainly is a place of no wants, no concerns, no sickness, no death, and quite possibly no desires. just contentment. This would imply that we leave behind a lot of the things that make us human, or mortal.

So to actually describe heaven from a living beings point of view and experience, would be as impossible as an ant trying to understand a computer.
Do you think we exist in that space your describing as ego-souls, or personality based souls? That each of these souls is a distinct, unique, separate soul from all the other souls that inhabit this place?