From our own guys I would resign long, Hartline, Clemons, Fasano, tag Starks, and restructure d. Patterson and Marshall (if not then release)

In Free agency I first target Mike Wallace he'd be the first guy I bring in when Fa opens and don't let him leave. Jennings is the second option here. I also bring in either Keller or Bennett.

In the Draft I go BPA at 12 unless Millner somehow slips I think we are looking at Warmack with this pick. I know alot of people would be enraged here but hear me out. We fixed our wr and te positions thru Fa, and this move shores up our weakest spot left on offense rg. With this move we have one of the better olines in the league for the next 10 years led by pouncey, Warmack, and Martin. Also Warmack comes in and starts and plays at a pro bowl level ala mike pouncey day one PERIOD!!

With our next four picks I go highest rated player available at cb, wr, de, lb.

We had ourselves a playoff defense last year and outside of TN. We were in every game. The difference in wins and losses all came down to scoring more points. This offseason and mock draft greatly improves our offense as well as keeps most of our starting defense from last year intact. With Wallace, Keller, Warmack, and a HEALTHY Jake Long we win at least four more games!! Let me know what y'all think