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Not unexpected. At this point I think the Jets will have to lick their wounds in 2013. 2014 will be better but 2015 is when they should have purged the bad contracts and can move forward.

I would not be surprised if Revis or Cromartie will be traded. Not only does that free up more cap space, they can focus on re signing Revis if that is the route they chose. I they keep Revis but are unable to re sign him and he walks away, that would be a huge blunder. Tough decision.

I think the Jets will be a better team then many of you expect but I also think as of right now, they will finish 4th in the AFC. If they find a QB and get good play from the position they could win 6-7 games. The defense will actually be a problem next year with the amount of talent that won't return and the lack of depth.
i would trade revis if i were them for some picks. they will definetly be looking to rebuild. they had there run (two afc championship appearences) and now they have to get rid of bad contracts. the positive part for the jest is, this is the nfl and anything can happen. but on paper, this looks like it is a 2-3 year rebuilding project, with not alot of pieces. trading revis will get them picks and money, a new GM's dream.