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Would appreciate some input.
Nope not even close. Wallace is a cookie cutter WR. He is physically incapable of 80% of the things a #1 WR is supposed to do.
Marshall has the tools of a true #1, but he just has mental/consistency/hands issues.
Wallace will always be stuck in what he can do.
Pittsburgh played it how it should be played. Draft a guy like Wallace, he over-exceeds his draft position, take advantage of his rookie contact, and then let him walk to another chump team that will overpay for him.
Meanwhile Pitt has already drafted his replacement and they won't miss Wallace.
And then we will be stuck with an ''at best #2'' WR for damn near 60 mil or whatever the crazy rumor is.
Signing Wallace or Jennings will drive us further down the path of mediocrity.