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Thread: Is Drew Rosenhaus Right?

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    Re: Is Drew Rosenhaus Right?

    Quote Originally Posted by MrEd View Post
    Hmm. Being that Moore is all but 99.99% goner and Devlin still really more or less like that rookie/developmental type QB........wait for it, any chance we bring back David Garrard to be that veteran backup? I know, I know, we cut him because he wasn't fully healed quick enough by the start of the season from that knee clean up arthroscopic procedure, but Philbin was on him cheerleader style something fierce. Any chance he can return with Devlin with a full year to had healed?
    No because even in this scenario if Tannehill goes down the season is shot with a broken down Gerrard playing QB. Might as well draft our 3rd string QB in the later rounds or pick up an undrafted FA.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ikema View Post
    I hope he starts wherever he ends up and "we" get a 4th round comp pick next year for him!
    Miami might be in line for a few compensatory picks in 2014, might even get the maximum four picks the NFL allows. I am expecting Miami to make a splash at WR(Jennings or Wallace) and maybe a few other free agents, but mostly build through the draft. If Bush, Long, Smith and Moore all walk and get decent sized deals, Miami could be looking at some "high" compensatory picks next year. Think a 3rd and 4th round pick.

    As for this year Miami is very likely to get ONE compensatory pick, could be in the 6th round or 7th round range. However, there have been rumblings lately that it could be as high as a 4th round pick.

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