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jacony ford spends as much time in the training room as he does on the field...
No kidding. That's why he'd be cheap. But at least he's got the chance to be something when he's healthy. Guys like Steve Breaston or Nate Burleson or Nate Washington are basically like getting rid of Brian Hartline to get another Brian Hartline. Washington's a cut above that group but Kenny Britt's problems are probably going to keep him in Tennessee for the time being.

Ford averages 17 yards per catch, would cost essentially nothing and would fill a niche the Dolphins are obviously looking to fill in a legit deep threat. You'd have to check out the Lisfranc stuff (he's injured it two years in a row now) which could be disqualifying, certainly, but it's a matter I'd give attention to.

I'll throw out a more prominent name:


Why is he available? He's overpaid in Seattle's run first scheme, with only 50 catches for 748 yards and seven touchdowns last year despite signing a 5 year, $41 million deal in 2011. He led the team in receptions but from watching every snap of Seattle last year I thought Wilson clearly had better chemistry with Golden Tate, especially down the stretch. Rice's ability to go up in one on one situations and make tough catches is a good fit for Seattle's play action, down the field passing game, but there are cheaper options out there than Rice, who's set to make $8.5 million each of the next two years. Rice has missed time each of the last three years and has seen his YPC drop slightly over that time (it was still a very respectable 15 last year), so Seattle might be ready to part with him and invest a high draft pick in a WR (they're loaded at most other positions).

Why would the Dolphins be interested? He's only 26 (a few months younger than Brian Hartline, actually. He came into the league at like only 20 years old). He's played in a West Coast system most of his career if not all of it and has shown that his high note is pretty damn high (see: 2009). Philbin would have seen Rice at his best that year and would know from his friends on the defensive staff at Green Bay what kind of challenges Rice presents. The GM of the Seahawks, John Schneider, is a veteran of Green Bay's front office when Philbin was coaching there, and we know the Seahawks people are friendly enough with the Dolphins people that they all had dinner together with Ryan Tannehill in the lead up to the 2012 draft. Rice is tall but sort of slight (6'4, 200) and doesn't have major drop issues that I know of (someone with a PFF subscription could check on this). Despite his lankiness he shown the ability throughout his career to body up and make tough catches in traffic, which can help a young quarterback. He's not a burner but he has a way of getting open deep, which shows in his YPC numbers.