A 32-year-old homeless man is suing his parents for neglect, demanding that they sell their tiny share of a Brooklyn house to finance two Domino's Pizza stores, the New York Post reports. The franchises will provide a lifestyle upgrade, he reasoned.
"I feel unloved and abandoned, he told the Post.

Bernard Anderson Bey conceded that his mother and father legally owe him nothing but said he thought his father "might find pleasure in seeing his children become successful," according to the news outlet.
The Post notes that Bey wrote up the suit, filed in Brooklyn Supreme Court, via a laptop from a homeless shelter. But apparently he hasn't always shown such resourcefulness, according to the New York Daily News.
"I say go get a job," Bey's mother, Vickie Anderson, told the Daily News. "He's never had a job a day in his life."
In the complaint, Bey asserts he was abused and says that his five siblings live on public assistance -- claims that were denied by his parents. One brother told the Daily News the suit was "frivolous."