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How? Unless they sign very team friendly contracts which the Dolphins could get out of in 2/3 years if it doesn't work out. But why would they do that if other teams are looking at them as well? Tieing up 20+ million in two receivers in one off season is just too rich for me. I think Jennings will be looking at least 7-9 Million and Wallace will want 10 + if a bidding war breaks out he could get over 12. I just don't see how both can be signed whilst keeping a good salary structure. especially under a conservative GM like Irleand.
IMO it wouldnt cost us say maybe 2 mil more a year ,because Hartline is wanting 6 mil a year , so what would be the diffrence if we paid Hartline compared to Jennings ? maybe 1-2 mil more a year ? and thats going to put us in cap hell ? , then if so i guess we better just sign Wallace and let Hartline and Jennings BOTH WALK ? noway , i say let hartline walk and sign Jennings in his spot say 4 year deal and as for our big #1 WR sign Wallace , imho its not going to hurt our cap nomore if we sign Jennings as to signning hartline , we need to go with Jennings and Wallace ,then grab a young WR say in the 2nd and we will be set for 6-7 years easy.