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Thread: Iteresting Salary Cap Stuff

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    Money Iteresting Salary Cap Stuff


    This is supposed to be one of the best sources for info. I know, a Jets site?? I'm just saying, it's supposed to thorough and accurate.

    What is the salary cap this year?? 121 mil ??

    The Dolphins were allowed to carry over 3 mil from last year right ?? So ours would be roughly 124 ?

    So if this guys right the Dolphins are at about 44 mil.

    If the Dolphins cut Dmitri Patterson there is no dead money, that would raise it to about 48-49. Could happen, Patterson was just a desperation signing because of injuries)

    If the Dolphins cut Carpenter and look to draft a Kicker it would go up to over 51 mil. Could happen he was bad last year.

    If the Dolphins cut Richard Marshall as well the total is around 54 mil. Could happen, it's a lot of money for a nickel with back issues.

    If the Dolphins traded Bess and John Jerry the total would be around 58 mil. Could happen, Jerry doesn't fit the run blocking system and is his last year, Bess in his last year as well.

    Are these numbers close to real?? Anyone know.
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    Yes, that cap page is very accurate. The Dolphins were able to carry over $5.3 million, so if the league cap is set at $121 million, the Dolphins cap limit is really $126.3 million. Thought PFT was reporting a couple of days ago that the league cap could be more around $122 million and a NFL reporter even mentioned tonight he is hearing it could be more around $123 million. So right now there is roughly $2 million of cap space floating around.

    The Dolphins cap space at this very moment is between $42.4 million or $44.4 million depending on the league salary cap. Also keep in mind that during the offseason that only the top 51 contracts on the roster count towards the salary cap.

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    Short answer: Yes they are

    SCall13, Jr.
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