Our redzone offense has been awful. A young quarterback's best friend is not a running game, it is a security blanket at TE. The greatest thing about Eifert is that he is exactly that, a security blanket. At 6'5 1/2 and his long arms he has such a big catch radius to put the ball. He just said the one player he compares himself to Jimmy Graham and I definitely see the comparison. They are both OUTSTANDING at "Boxing out defenders and grabbing the rebound at the HIGHEST POINT" ohh wait.. they're not playing basketball anymore.......... But the way they can shield off defenders and high point the football is the reason why Jimmy is the best TE in the league and Eifert is the best TE in the draft. He is a GREAT REDZONE THREAT and will instantly improve our redzone offense.Although he is no Gronkowski when it comes to blocking, he has improved every year and half of blocking at TE is effort which he shows in the ruun game....He is a very crisp route runner, lining up at times as an X receiver and running dig routes... Very smooth in his breaks for being 6'5 +.. My one concern with him is his speed. He just said a high time for him Saturday will be a 4.5.. He looks more along the lines of a 4.7.. That is what made me skeptical about taking him at #12 but his ability to box out defenders and go get the football is what has swayed my opinion. With 2-3 receivers next year (hopefully Wallace, and Greg) and reggie bush expected to have a way bigger role in the pass game as a 3rd down back and possibly (and hopefully) as a slot and outside receiver.. With the emergence of Miller and Wallace and Greg on the outside, Eifert down the middle, and Reggie and Bess underneath we have the POTENTIAL
to field a top 5 offense next year...Ireland make it happen!!!