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Thread: Getting After It : Yet Another Off Season Plan... Mine Is Good, Though

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    Not a fan of your overall plan. The secondary would be awful. No reason to cut Incognito.
    Jay Fiedler can take his'n and lose to your'n.....or take your'n and lose to his'n.

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    Eh its ok, I'm just not in favor of it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by insomnia411 View Post
    I write this understanding that this is probably a relatively unrealistic off season plan for us, however I don't mean this to be an objective projection of what I THINK WILL happen, my plan simply outlines what I would try my damndest to do if I was in Ireland's shoes.

    Let go - Long, Bush, Smith, Hartline
    Cut - Richard Marshall, Incognito
    Tag - Starks
    Re-sign - Fasano, Clemons

    Free Agency - Mike Wallace, Greg Jennings, Brandon Moore, Michael Bennett (DE from the Bucs)

    Draft (first 3 rounds) Rd. 1 - Tyler Eifert (TE - Notre Dame) Is this a reach? Maybe, but in my opinion Eifert is a huge wide receiver in a tight end's body, and he's the next Graham/ Gronkowski kind of guy. Nobody is going to be crying about this pick being a reach when Eifert slices up defenses and makes 7 pro bowls in the next 10 years. Our offense in the passing game will be ridiculous with this many weapons.
    Rd. 2a - Xavier Rhodes (CB - Florida St.)
    Rd. 2b - Kyle Long (G/T- Oregon)
    Rd. 3a - Jordān Poyer (CB - Oregon St.)
    Rd. 3b - Ryan Swope (WR - Texas A&M)

    2013 starting roster :

    QB : Tannehill
    RB : Miller/ Thomas/ 2nd day rook
    LT : Martin
    LG : Brandon Moore
    C : Pouncey
    RG : Kyle long
    RT : John Jerry/ Nate Garner/ 2nd day rook
    TE : Eifert/ Fasano
    WR : Wallace, Jennings, Bess, Swope, Matthews

    DE : Wake/ Vernon
    DT : Soliai, Starks, Odrick
    DE : Bennett/ Vernon
    LBs : Burnett, Dansby, Misi
    CBs : Carroll, Rhodes, Poyer, FA/ 2nd day rook
    FS : Clemons
    SS : Jones
    I like it. I'm intrigued to see Odrick at DT, and am OK with Starks being allowed to leave. It's tough with me for FSU players bc i always feel that they are slightly overrated bc of where they played college ball. But other than that we are good! I'm also a fan of taking Tyrann Mathieu in the later rounds if available. If he has grown up, he could be a versatile, nasty little player for us at nickel.
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