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Thread: Transition Tag for RB's is $6mil. Is Reggie Bush the candidate?

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    Transition Tag for RB's is $6mil. Is Reggie Bush the candidate?

    What would Bush fetch in the open market? We want Bush back at maybe $4.5-5mil for 2 or 3 years. The transition tag is actually only $6mil. Why not use the transition tag on Bush (who actually would like to stay in Miami). We offer him say $4.5mil and he balks. We apply the transition tag which is only for one year and say $1-1.5mil more than what we offer him and we have him for one more year.

    If DET, who is making cuts now in order to re-sign the many necessary FAs of their own think they can offer something "more" than the $6mil for multiple years, Bush would probably sign. But I don't think they could or even would.

    CLE could, but would Bush bolt to CLE for $1mil more? Especially since they probably won't be competing for a playoff card this year?

    Bush could very likely remain under that $6mil while negotiating a slightly better deal than the one Miami is currently offering or sign and bolt.

    I believe the $6mil Transition Tag would be the perfect route to take with Reggie Bush if we indeed are both interested in his return under a 3rd down back/slot role and at the same time willing to live life without him should someone offer him a $6mil or more longterm deal. Chances are we keep him for one more year or add a few playmakers that entice Bush to cave and accept that hometown discount offer for say 3 years....

    Oh and if you've noticed my sig change of Jake Long for the signing of "both" Wallace AND Jennings.......you're seeing correctly.

    We throw the $11mil world to Mike Wallace March 9th, and transition tag Bush instead of tagging Jake Long.

    Then, once March 11th comes, we've signed Mike Wallace and both Long and Jennings are making their trips around the market and we determine if/when both prices have dropped some or if they've risen any. Then you make the decision on who to sign/re-sign, Greg Jennings at $7-8mil or if his market value rises, you meet Long's demand at market value which I believe will drop from the $10mil actually.

    So we could see a Wallace and Jennings with Martin, Warmack, and say Kyle Long or Brian Winters.....or Wallace and say a draft pick, Hartline, or even Matthews with Long back at LT.
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    i like reggie back in some form ,i have little confidence in our rb`s behind miller!
    and even miller can he hold up all year ??
    , best case scenario imo ,would be to split time with miller this year

    but if his just a "luxury" as being said by dolphins and just being used as a 3rd down/slot receiver anything over $4M IS over the top imo

    chargers may have interest in reggie if he hits FA? would suit them !
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    If Reggie converts to WR/RB and the Dolphins trade Bess to Oakland for their 5th then, yes; but Mike Wallace is a black hole and if he does get signed you will all regret it. Mark my words!
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    I like it. I guess I see Reggie's value different than those saying he's overpaid. $6 mil for a guy who is productive and should be even more productive if we start throwing the ball more. We pay Marshall that much money, Dimitri Patterson $4.5 million - and Reggie isn't worth $5-$6 mil. I don't get it. I like your plan. The only thing I disagree with is re-signing Smith - I'd prefer us signing Leon Sandcastle to replace him.
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