I am a die hard dolphins fans and have been following this forum for quite some time. This is my first post so please be gentle .

First off, our free agents: Personally, i think our 2 critical free agent are Sean Smith and Randy Starks. If we can't signed then franchised Starks ($9m) and transition tag Smith ($8.5m). i just don't see us getting the same type of quality players in the free agent market. Yes, i know Smith is inconsistent and play down to his level but what are our options. I also believe that we will let Jack Long test the market and probable end up re-sign for $7-$9m. There is just to much OL free agents and not enough teams with cap space. The two other players i would like us to re-sign at a reasonable salary are Chris Clemmon, Reggie Bush and Anthony Fasano.

Even if we signed all the above players, we have plenty of space for 1 high end player and few mid-level players. For WR, there are only 3 options, sign Wallace/Greg Jennings or trade for Dallas Austin. Of the 3, I hope we signed Greg Jennings. If not we must trade for Austin. Personally, Wallace will be too expensive ($13-15m) And he just doesn't fit this West Coast offense. I would then signed a backup tackle, safety and DT.

As for the draft, here is my take. Trade our 1st and 3rd for 2 mid 1st rounders (16 to 26 picks). With those picks
1a Tyler Eifert ... Solve our TE for next 10 years
1b. Ezekiel Ansah or Sam Montgomery -- can not have enough DE
2a Desmond Trufant, Cornerback -- can not have enough of CB
2b Robert Woods or Terrance Williams Wide Receiver
3 Kyle Long Tackle -- could be our RT or our backup if we resigned JL
3b traded to get our 2nd 1st
4 Jonathan Cooper Guard -- we are weak inside, athletic guard for West Coast offense
5-7 kicker to replace Carpenter, backup Qb, Rb, LB

What do you guys think?