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Thread: (rumor) Packers Franchising Jennings for Sign & Trade Deal; Trade partner?

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    Not buying it. They risk tying up a huge portion of their cap space by making him one of highest pd WR's and then think teams will pay that price for a 1 year deal and have to give up a draft pick. They'd get stuck and then not be able to make any moves in FA and then have their #1 & 2 WR's asking why they are making less than their #3 wr. Not going to happen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tailgun View Post
    Technically, it isn't. But it's like tampering, everybody does it and it's very hard to prove. All you need to do is put in about a week's worth of effort in negotiating a contract for show. Then you can trade away.
    I think the risk of Jennings filing a grievance would be a pretty big concern, wouldn't it? There's a reason teams aren't doing this...
    God bless, I'll hang up and listen.
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