Catfish Goodell by drafting Manti with our imaginary 2nd First round pick


a) During month of April, start sending Goodell emails with pics of a random cheerleader
b) Initiate "late-night" phone calls to his office. Perhaps pay Channing Crowder as accomplice? Have him employ that "towel-on-head" locker-room look.
c) Transition to phone sex using a girly voice (***IMPORTANT! Not more than 1 phone call per night - Too much phone sex = hearing aids)
d) Decline to meet until AFTER Fins have selected their 2nd pick in round 1. Harp on this point
e) Run to the podium on draft day, during round 1, just before Patriots selection
f) Distract Goodell by having Crowder emerge from the side of the stage during selection