So a co-worker (Washington "r-words" fan) points out that there is Mike Wallace to Miami specualtion on the front page of with pictures of Tannehill and Wallace side by side. I casually said to him "It makes sense, Mike Wallace can stretch the field and Tanne has a cannon". So he says RT's arm isn't even top 10. (Bear in mind this is not a reflection of accuracy)

Here is his top 10 list:
  1. Rogers
  2. Flacco
  3. RG3
  4. Kaopernick
  5. Vick
  6. Freeman
  7. Cutler
  8. Stafford
  9. Cam
  10. Ryan

I disagree. .. A, I don't think I agree overall with his list, and B, I think Tannehill should be in there. Maybe top 7ish? Am I wrong? Are my Dolphins colored lenses deceiving me yet again?