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So a co-worker (Washington "r-words" fan) points out that there is Mike Wallace to Miami specualtion on the front page of NFL.com with pictures of Tannehill and Wallace side by side. I casually said to him "It makes sense, Mike Wallace can stretch the field and Tanne has a cannon". So he says RT's arm isn't even top 10. (Bear in mind this is not a reflection of accuracy)

Here is his top 10 list:
  1. Rogers
  2. Flacco
  3. RG3
  4. Kaopernick
  5. Vick
  6. Freeman
  7. Cutler
  8. Stafford
  9. Cam
  10. Ryan

I disagree. .. A, I don't think I agree overall with his list, and B, I think Tannehill should be in there. Maybe top 7ish? Am I wrong? Are my Dolphins colored lenses deceiving me yet again?

Tanny close top 10 maybe top 12.. now if your talking release quickness tanny is probably top 5. Also if were talking arm strength any list that doesnt have Chad Henne in it is a joke because that kid has a CANNON!!!