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Thread: Pats always a step ahead...FA receivers the target.

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    This isn't really a big deal. Tom gets nearly double the guaranteed money over 5 years, and it gives NE an additional 8 million in cap space this year. NE has their own free agents to resign and this most likely is an attempt to help resign Welker. Depending on who they resign, they might have enough to go after an aging vet looking for another SB win like Ed Reed, or Charles Woodson but NE isn't going to spend the majority of their cap on a Wallace, Bowe, or Harvin.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Phinatic8u View Post
    Dude relax.

    They have a lot of guys that our FAs too, the need Vollmer.
    If they dont resign Vollmer we will gladly sign him!
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